What Is a Bolt on Acquisition

It will be easy for you to understand what is a bolt-on acquisition, as they occur between companies from the same sector of the economy, including the financial sector, they are the simplest in terms of planning the magnitude of the synergistic effect and implementing the integration process itself.

What Should You Know About Bolt or Truck-in Acquisition?

Over the years of business practice, a number of strategies have been developed to protect your company from a hostile takeover. Let’s take the following as an example:

  • The division of the company’s shares into classes. Such shares provide for a different number of votes per share, which allows shareholders to retain control over the enterprise.
  • Making amendments to the charter of the target company. Urgent changes may make it difficult to conduct M&A transactions.
  • Reduce the attractiveness and profitability of the firm. Such actions include the sale of any asset of the target company.

The bolt-on acquisition in the context of this study is a system of long-term goals of the organization in terms of the formation and use of financial resources, taking into account the goals and objectives of the corporate and investment strategy. The financial strategy, among other things, is a tool by which the most efficient use of the company’s available financial resources is carried out, the formation and attraction of new resources when the need arises, and through the use of which the medium- and long-term investment strategy of the organization is executed.

Thus, the type of mergers is determined depending on the current market realities that dictate the goals of the company, the strategy of the firms, and the availability of resources. Therefore, in order to achieve a large synergistic effect, one should take into account the specifics of the type of transaction, which has a significant impact on the outcome of the expected results. Often, mergers take place not with the aim of creating a large corporation, but in order to minimize costs, including reducing the “tax burden”.

How to Determine the Bolt-on Deals Type?

Bolt-on deals on mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, or other forms of acquisition of control, including intertwining of directorates, whether horizontal, vertical, or conglomerate, should be prohibited where:

  1. the proposed transaction significantly enhances the opportunity to exercise market power (for example, allows a company or group of companies acting together to profitably maintain prices above competitive levels for an extended period); and
  2. the resulting market share in that country, or in any significant market segment relating to any product or service, would lead to a dominant position for the company or to a significant reduction in competition in a market dominated by a very small number of companies.

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